4 Things You Need to Know to Educate Your Children

Education at its best is an impartation of knowledge, skills, and values. But that is just the beginning. It is also an implantation of the ability to teach oneself, to understand what is known — and what is yet to learn — and where to look for it. It is also by design, and thereforeContinue reading “4 Things You Need to Know to Educate Your Children”

5 Books to Read over the Holidays

Each year through our weeks off during the Christmas break, I read several inspiring home-educating-related books to stay creative and motivated. Time alone spent educating ourselves makes us better teachers and mentors, and the breaks we incorporate in our schedules provide the time to read deeply — instead of peeking in here and there betweenContinue reading “5 Books to Read over the Holidays”

7 Tips for Choosing Materials

Even DIY homeschool moms occasionally struggle with curriculum decisions.  After all, there is a wealth of materials to choose from!  Here are 7 tips that will make choosing materials easier: 1.  Set Goals Before Buying By setting your goals, and keeping them in front of you, you’ll save yourself untold stress, angst, and money.  ThoseContinue reading “7 Tips for Choosing Materials”

Helps For New Homeschoolers: Find Your Own Way

I could do it too: give you a plan completely laid out from Kindergarten through 12th grade, covering every subject plus hand-picked and much sought-after electives, including all of the books you would need spelled out right down to the publisher, date, and edition. I could hand you a list of dos and don’t dosContinue reading “Helps For New Homeschoolers: Find Your Own Way”