Second Boys' Book of Model Aeroplanes ~ Free eBook

Ready for a fun summer project? The Second Boys’ Book of Model Aeorplanes will help you construct and fly model airplane gliders and motorized airplane models.The first edition of this book covered the history of airplanes and how they fly. With the world of aircraft changing very rapidly at the time these books were written,Continue reading “Second Boys' Book of Model Aeroplanes ~ Free eBook”

Things to Do: July 2020

We have updated our July learning calendar for 2020. July is always a month spent enjoying the summer sun. As such, this month’s “things to do” focuses on traveling, exploring, crafting, reading, and more, including: 10 free eBooks. 8 of our free unit studies including the Apollo 11 moon landing, the Oregon Trail, E. B.Continue reading “Things to Do: July 2020”

Summer Fun Activities ~ 2020

Each year we add more ideas to our Summer Fun Activities archive. We have recently updated these resources, and they are all ready for you to enjoy. Recent additions include: 10 End-of-Summer Ideas. Learning Synths. Creative Writing with the Random Word Generator. Make a Balloon Rocket. You’ll also find older favorites: Building a sunspot viewer.Continue reading “Summer Fun Activities ~ 2020”

Summer Fun Activity: Learning Synths

Here is a great summer fun learning activity: Learning Synths! This extensive interactive created by a music software company helps students explore the elements of sound in a fun and engaging way. As you work through the interactive you explore: Amplitude. Pitch. Brightness. Movement. Modulation. Oscillation. Waveforms. Filters. Once you have the basics, it’s timeContinue reading “Summer Fun Activity: Learning Synths”

Summer Fun Activity: Make a Balloon Rocket

The summer months are a great time to experiment outside — keep ’em learning! No one will object to making a balloon rocket! You’ll find everything you need over at Only four items are needed — ones you most likely have hanging around the home already: string, a straw, tape, and of course, aContinue reading “Summer Fun Activity: Make a Balloon Rocket”