Summer School for Mom

We have updated our free guide: Summer School for Mom. This educational series is one of our favorites, and one that we have received very positive feedback from.

In this series we address:

  • Determining where you want to go and how you will know when you get there.
  • The skills that you desire your children to be practiced in.
  • How you will know learning is taking place.
  • What you will do to establish a learning atmosphere in your home.
  • What educational method you will use and how you will tweak it to fit you and your children.
  • The goals you will focus on for each child.
  • Ways you can simplify to fit everything into your routine.
  • The best way to find materials to fit your purpose.
  • Evaluating progress and real learning.

Our Summer School for Mom series is aimed at all who educate children:

  • If you are new to educating at home, you’ll have a very defined road map to help you think out of the box and serve your children.
  • If you are a veteran home educator, you’ll hopefully come away inspired and encouraged and armed with new tweaks.
  • And if you are a tutor, mentor, or other type of educator, you’ll pick up ideas that can be used when educating children in any scenario.

Get ready, get excited, go!

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