18 Tips for Remaining Creative & Inspired!

In a slump? Looking for inspiration? Here are 18 tips for remaining creative & inspired — and keeping the spark lit:

Keep going.

Persevere. Practice makes perfect.


Interact with other homeschool moms in real life or otherwise. Not only do we pick up ideas from others, but sharing ideas and brainstorming generates more ideas.

Take notes.

Keep something handy to take notes on — digital tool or old-fashioned paper. Jot down inspirational ideas as they come.


Homeschooling — tutoring— offers a broad field of study. Pick an area of homeschooling to focus on for a week or a month. Choose a method, teaching tool, philosophy, subject, or other area of interest. Invest time in learning more about your craft.


Most of us have those favorite books that we reread each year for inspiration. Find your favorite homeschool and other inspirational books to read/reread. Peruse our recommended favorites as a starting place, and add your own.


Implement a new idea here and there.

Be the master.

Don’t allow yourself to feel confined by the materials you are using. Use them; don’t let them use you.


Notebooking — not just for kids! Keep a notebook divided by topic, idea, area of interest, or other aspect of homeschooling. Start compiling your own inspirational notebook!


Frequently art and music are among the first to go in an already crowded schedule. But the omission is simple to remedy. Insist on art and music appreciation. Try one of our art and music appreciation suggestions to keep it simple.

Pray for inspiration.

If there is something your children need, their Father already knows and has a way of filling that need. Pray to minister to your family.

Live in the moment.

This time, right now, this moment, is the only one you have been or will be given. Be content in the here and now and in these circumstances. Comparison breeds discontent; whether that is comparing our current situation with that of our past or future, or comparing our situation to that of another person. Discontent suppresses creativity and inspiration.

Increase your skills.

Feelings of inadequacy will keep us from moving out in new directions.

Make a fresh start.

Have a bad beginning? Make a bad choice in materials? Schedule not working out? Let it go. We all make mistakes. Fix the problem and start fresh.

Take a break!

Sometimes we need to stand back and regroup. You can schedule your homeschool days with room for flexibility, so that, when you need a week off, you can take it without worrying about finishing on time.

Stay involved.

“Complacency is the enemy of creativity.” Remain passionate about your child’s education. Be plugged in. Care what your children are doing. Invest in your children.

Be a homeschooled mom.

Never stop learning. Be and stay a homeschooled mom, always learning and growing. We cannot rely on pushing our children from behind. We must be learning ourselves so that we can lead them.


I know, believe me; easier said than done for moms in general and homeschool moms in particular! Go to bed earlier than usual if necessary. Take a nap in the afternoon while the young people read quietly. No one feels creative when their batteries are running low.

Be thankful.

Appreciate the blessings you have been given. Seeing the good, staying in the light, and avoiding a focus on the bad, will leave your spirits high and leave you ready for the next good thing!

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