8 Ideas for Enjoying the Thanksgiving Holiday

If we’re not careful, Thanksgiving can end up being an over-stressed, over-indulgent, over-chaotic holiday! But with a little planning and thought, we can spend Thanksgiving being … thankful. Here are 8 ideas for actually enjoying the Thanksgiving Holiday:

1. Slow down.

The holidays can put us in overdrive. Instead, we can take a deep breath. Be intentional. Be deliberate. Pay attention to the warm hearts around us. Spend more time being…rather than doing. Our children do tend to catch our moods!

2. Don’t celebrate Christmas until the day after Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is a special season with a purpose all its own. We can make the focus giving thanks and take time to enjoy this fall holiday, making it special time. Christmas will still be right around the corner.

3. Read.

One of the things we loved to do as a family at Thanksgiving time was to spend time as a family enjoying great Thanksgiving books!

4. Give.

Since Thanksgiving is a time of thanks, it only makes sense to think of something special we can do for someone near or far as a way of demonstrating our thanks. Better yet, do something together as a family:

  • A gift of time.
  • A special hostess gift for the one who pulls that big dinner together (unless that is us!).
  • A meal for someone without family close by.

5. Do a word study on thankfulness.

Incorporate your children. Dig in and see what the Word has to say about thankfulness. This can be a very attitude-changing activity!

6. Use your gifts and talents.

We have been blessed by God with unique gifts that only we have to share with the world. And it is especially important to encourage our children to recognize their own gifts. Using our talents in this way is one way to show thankfulness.

7. Listen to music.

There are many songs and hymns of the season that we just don’t hear much anymore. Pass them along to the next generation!

8. Be thankful.

This may seem like a no-brainer, but sometimes gratefulness goes unnoticed — even during the Thanksgiving holiday.

One simple idea for remedying this one is to focus on something each member of the family is thankful for daily. Or create a thankful tree — a centerpiece for the table that can be added to each day.

Other ways include:

However you decide to enjoy the holiday, have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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