Summer School for Mom

Ah, summer. Time to shift gears. Take a break. Relax. Breathe…. It is also the time when most DIY homeschool moms plan! Our Summer School for Mom series will help you prepare for next year.

We’ll start by laying the foundation and establishing the atmosphere. Then we’ll explore the various methods, set goals, choose materials, create a schedule, and plan how we will evaluate progress.

You’ll find lots of ideas and tips to get you thinking, resources to encourage you, and other helps that will have you fired up and ready to go when school starts up again in the fall!

If you are new to home education (or still considering the option), check out The Benefits of Home Education.

Further Reading

Making the Case for Educating Ourselves
Reasons for spending the time to send ourselves to “summer school.”

Educating Ourselves: Where to Start
Once we know why, here’s how.

Recommended Reading
For further research.

Helps for New Homeschoolers
These are the “bigger picture” items you don’t want to forget!

4 Things You Need to Know to Educate Your Children
The broader view.

Enjoy the entire series:
Summer School for Mom
Summer School for Mom Series

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