The Ocean Book

The Ocean Book by Frank Sherwin is a beautiful, full-color and highly rated title that is a perfect way to learn about the ocean. Part of the Wonders of Creation series published by Master Books, this book covers:

  • Deep-ocean research.
  • The different physical characteristics of the ocean.
  • Icebergs.
  • Tides.
  • Waves.
  • Currents.
  • How weather affects the ocean.
  • Ocean resources.
  • Marine life.
  • The coral reef.
  • Various ocean-exploring vehicles.
  • The Great Flood.
  • And more!

We recommend The Ocean Book as a perfect jumping-off point to study the ocean in our Ocean Unit Study or a great go-along to designing your own ocean study to explore the ocean.

A free study guide is also available.

Studying science before high school math (“the language of science is math“) is easily covered by reading living books. The Ocean Book is one entry point for the late elementary to middle school student.

Additional Resources
The Ocean: A Unit Study

The Ocean: A Unit Study
More go-along information and resources in our unit.

Wonders of Creation Series
The Wonders of Creation series is wonderfully illustrated and full of information, while engaging and easy-to-understand. Here are the other books in the series.

Glimpses of Ocean Life {Free eBook}
Have a young one interested in marine biology? Enjoy Glimpses of Ocean Life by John Harper as a free download.

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