Wonders of Creation Series

We loved these books. When you are educating the natural way, it is hard to find a science series appropriate for middle school children. Obviously, literature is the way to go here. Before they have the math to back it up, science — even for most high school students — isn’t really science. And that would be our experience as well (speaking as a family that includes several engineers). The Wonders of Creation Series is perfect for the age group, presenting the information in an engaging way in full color!

As we worked through the series, we kept a science notebook, added other living books that fit a particular topic, and required narrations about two times a week. With these books as the spine, it is very simple to flesh a course out.

Master Books, the publisher, has updated several of the books in the series since our original Wonders of Creation Series post. One of the key new features is the inclusion of three levels of study. The new additions are perfect when using the books in a home educating environment:

It is recommended that every reader examine the text on the white background, as this is the basic skill level information related to the material. More proficient students and those with increased interest in the subject matter can then proceed to the more advanced concept levels. Additionally, the most advanced readers, after having read through all levels of the material, can use the upper-level material as a springboard for independent research and other educational assignments (research papers, oral reports, presentations, imaginative projects, etc.).

The New Weather Book by Michael Oard

You will find free study guide downloads from the old series that will complement each book at the publisher’s site.

If you are looking for a science program that will work for middles, look no further. You can use the Wonders of Creation books as a spine as described above, or use them as a reference when approaching science through unit studies and experimentation, or even as a complement to a traditional science course.

You’ll find other books in the series, but those below are our favorites.

Wonders of Creation Series Favorites

Wonders of Creation Series

The New Astronomy Book by Danny R. Faulkner
Covers the basics of astronomy, the moon, the night sky, stars, planets, galaxies, comets, and much more.

The Astronomy Book Study Guide

Wonders of Creation

The New Ocean Book by Frank Sherwin
Deep-ocean research, the different physical characteristics of the ocean, icebergs, tides, waves, currents, how weather affects the ocean, ocean resources, marine life, the coral reef, various ocean-exploring vehicles, and the Great Flood.

The Ocean Book Study Guide

Wonders of Creation Series

The New Weather Book by Michael Oard
The causes of weather, world climates, how to read a weather map, the atmosphere, warm and cold fronts, thunderstorms, tornadoes, hurricanes, and climates of the past and future.

The Weather Book Study Guide

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