State History Research Project ~ Free

Most states require a student to study state history. If you are looking for an easy do-it-yourself way to meet this requirement, you might appreciate this free state history research project from Accelerated Christian Education Ministries. This 9-page download provides an independent study guide to help a student research his state, culminating in a notebookContinue reading “State History Research Project ~ Free”

Alabama History Notebook ~ Free

To date, we have posted state unit studies for twelve states. It is often difficult to track down student resources for each state. Not so in the case of Alabama! The Alabama History Notebook offered by the Alabama Department of Archives and History is a free “collection of Alabama symbols, maps, and photographs for students.”Continue reading “Alabama History Notebook ~ Free”

Activity: Apple Study & Thematic Resources

Fall! And fall makes us think apples! Ages ago we rounded up four favorite apple units (you’ll want to check that page out for more resources). Meanwhile, enjoy these other apple study activities as a springboard to learning more: Draw an apple tree for each of the four seasons using this printout from asContinue reading “Activity: Apple Study & Thematic Resources”

Ready to Explore Your State? {Free State Unit Studies}

We have updated our free state unit studies. It has been encouraging to see the new resources official state governments are making available! We have added these gems to our current list of 12 unit studies. If we haven’t covered your state yet, you might find this resource list helpful for pulling together your ownContinue reading “Ready to Explore Your State? {Free State Unit Studies}”

Everglades Wildguide {Free eBook}

In 1972, the National Park Service first issued Everglades Wildguide written by Newbery medal winner Jean Craighead George and beautifully illustrated by Betty Fraser. The full-color 1988 version is now available in the public domain as a free eBook download. Here is the story of the plants and animals of the Everglades, this country’s subtropicalContinue reading “Everglades Wildguide {Free eBook}”

Egyptian Hieroglyphs & Alphabets: A Unit Study

The latest known inscription written in Egyptian hieroglyphs stands in the temple of the goddess Isis on an island in Lake Nasser. The date of this inscription, the Graffito of Esmet-Akhom, is August 24, 394. The Graffito of Esmet-Akhom was evidently written for the benefit of a few pagans in the Red Sea area andContinue reading “Egyptian Hieroglyphs & Alphabets: A Unit Study”

Easy Lessons in Popular Science {Free eBook}

Now here is a very unique first science book! Easy Lessons in Popular Science by James Monteith takes the hands-on and visual approach to helping students learn the basics of primary science. It also approaches science as a whole — learning oceans, ship building, and water cycles together, for example, while at the same timeContinue reading “Easy Lessons in Popular Science {Free eBook}”

Over 100 Free Units! {And Ways to Use Them}

DIY Homeschooler / HomeHearts is now in our 19th year. Over those years we have posted a great number of free unit studies. The other day we stopped to count them. Over 100 free units! Who knew? These units cover a very wide variety of topics. You may be wondering how to best use them.Continue reading “Over 100 Free Units! {And Ways to Use Them}”