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A History of Kansas by Anna E. Arnold is a free public domain eBook that goes perfectly with our free Kansas state unit.

The book was originally published by the state of Kansas in 1915. But though modern history will not be included the early history is covered in such a way as to make the book a worthwhile addition to your library.

If the study of Kansas History is to accomplish these results, the subject must be presented in such a way as to arouse the interest of the pupils. They must feel its reality. They must catch its spirit.

With the hope of fulfilling in some measure these requirements, this book has been prepared with the following aims constantly in mind: to make it, as nearly as possible, a narrative; to select from the wealth of material at hand such subject matter as is within the comprehension of children, eliminating such matter as can be fully understood and appreciated only by mature minds; to present the general movement of the State’s progress rather than a mass of unrelated facts. Only so much detail has been used as is necessary to a clear understanding of events. The purpose has not been to chronicle a multitude of events, but rather to show forth what manner of men and women were the builders of our State, what motives actuated them, what conditions surrounded them, how they lived, and what they accomplished.

An effort has been made to give the pupils a general view of the State’s history as a whole, to give them a framework on which to build their later knowledge, and to leave them with a desire to learn more of Kansas history.

The book contains 19 chapters, most of which cover the history of Kansas. Also included are chapters on industry, transportation, education, memorials, and the Kansas spirit.

The bold text in the margin makes it an easy book to outline. At the end of each chapter is a summary, references suitable to learning more, and discussion questions that can be used for oral narrations, written narrations, or reports depending on the age of your student.

The appendices include further information on prominent Kansans and government officials along with other facts that can be researched and brought up to date.

Check out our Kansas unit for more information on keeping a state notebook.

Kansas has a unique place in the history of the United States. If you are studying Kansas history, you’ll not want to miss this free resource.

Free eBook

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