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James Otis is the pen name of James Otis Kaler, who wrote children’s literature in the late 1800s to early 1900s. His books are among our favorites. The Light Keepers is another book by James Otis that is free in the public domain.

James was educated in public schools. At the age of thirteen he sought out a job as a newspaper journalist. At sixteen (SIXTEEN!) his paper sent him to cover the Civil War. His war-time experiences instilled in him a sense of patriotism and adventure.

Who Should We Then Read by Jan Bloom

The Light Keepers is a work of fiction about the United States Light-House Service that eventually became part of the United States Coast Guard. This action-adventure story takes place on the Maine Coast.

At the time Otis wrote the book, he quoted figures showing that the United States government was spending over $3.5 million on the service. The Appendix provides this information and the history of “the modern light-house service.”

Fun and exciting read that with an accurate underpinning. And free!

Free eBook

The Life Savers {Free eBook & Activities}

The Life Savers {Free eBook & Activities}
Another story by James Otis about the United States Life-Saving Service, the precursor to today’s Coast Guard. Activities and suggestions included!

Story of Our Lighthouses ~ Free eBook
For those wanting to take the study a bit further, history and suggestions.

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