My State {Free Unit Study}

Most states require homeschoolers to include a state study at some point in their educational pursuits.  While curriculum publishers typically include state study as part of their history/geography/social studies curriculum, DIY homeschool moms will more likely be looking for ways to pull together our own materials to meet this requirement. What better way than via a state unit study?

State units can be fun, informative, and lead to plenty of investigation and interaction that will help the student retain what he has learned.

If you are looking for such a resource, start with My State Unit, one of the several free unit studies created by Karen Caroe.  This unit covers civics, history, geography, language arts, applied math, science, and art, culminating in a personalized state notebook.

Additional Resources

Printable State Maps
Free labeled and unlabeled maps for notebooking.

Free State Unit Studies

Free State Unit Studies
Our own state unit studies, complete with loads of resources.  If yours isn’t listed, consider modifying one of the others to fit your own state.

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