A Guide to Historic Plymouth {Free eBook}

Want to tour historic Plymouth but can’t make it to Massachusetts? Download this illustrated free eBook: A Guide to Historic Plymouth.

You’ll visit 37 “Localities and Objects of Interest” including:

  • Beach Point.
  • Burial Hill.
  • Compact.
  • Court House.
  • Gov. Bradford’s House.
  • Harbor.
  • Leyden Street.
  • Old Fort and First Meeting House.
  • Pilgrim Hall.
  • Plymouth Rock.
  • Town Square.
  • And more!

The book includes black-and-white photos depicting the places and interests mentioned including buildings, monuments, and various objects such as Miles Standish’s sword, pot, and platter.

If you are interested in further reading, you’ll find an extensive collection of Pilgrim literature in the back of the book — most titles are in the public domain.

A Guide to Historic Plymouth will give your children a taste of Pilgrim life during this Thanksgiving season. Enjoy it together!

Free eBook

Additional Resources

An Illustrated Guide to Historic Plymouth, Massachusetts by Walter F. Wheeler and Reginald Chandler
You might find the illustrations in this 1921 edition easier to see! (PDF version.)

Stories of the Pilgrims {Free eBook & Activities}

Two other free Pilgrim books you may be interested in:

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