Activity: Chart the Weather

Why chart the weather? Recording the weather helps a student:

  • Learn to make observations.
  • Learn to record data.
  • Learn to make predictions.
  • Become familiar with weather terms.

Besides, it’s fun!

First you’ll need to determine what your child will chart. This will vary depending on the age of your child.

Young children can chart the general weather — clouds, sun, rain, snow, wind, etc.

As students get older they can begin taking measurements — rainfall, barometric pressure, humidity, wind speed and direction, and temperature.

Charting the weather is a learning lifestyle activity — learning the natural way!

Further Investigation

Weather Ingredients
Elements that combine to give us our weather.

Weather Symbols
From NOAA.

How to Read a Weather Map
Colorful help at SciJinks NOAA site.

Weather Charts
Large download for older students explaining how to read a weather chart.

Cloud Chart {Free}
Freebie from NASA.


What’s the Weather?
Little ones can dress a bear in this interactive.

Make a Thunderstorm
Interactive where you control the weather (and learn more about the elements involved).

HotSeat: Run a Simulation
Ready to create your own weather forecast? From NOAA.

Make a Weather Forecast
Step-by-step guide!

My Weather Station
Beautiful weather station printable!

Weather Lab
Smithsonian interactive to help students learn to predict the weather.

Activity: Chart the Weather

The Old Farmer’s Almanac Weather Notebook
When our old favorite went out of print we found a new one — and love it! Designed for the real weather tracker!

Activity: Chart the Weather

The Weather Book by Michael Oard
Part of the Wonders of Creation series, this title covers the causes of weather, world climates, how to read a weather map, the atmosphere, warm and cold fronts, thunderstorms, tornadoes, hurricanes, and climates of the past and future. Study guide also available from the publisher.

Unit Studies & Lesson Plans

Weekly Weather Chart
Simple lesson plan at Crayola.

Bar Graphing With Weather
Complete lesson plan that uses weather as the impetus for learning about bar graphs.

Printables & Notebooking Pages

What is the Weather Like Today
Very simple chart for the youngest.

Weather Chart
Colorful freebie at

My Weather Calendar

My Weather Station
Make an entire weather station with these free downloads at

My Weather Chart
Simple form for recording wind directions, air pressure, rainfall, and sky from the American Museum of Natural History.

Weather Chart
For recording and tracking from PBS.

Beaufort Wind Scale
Download from NOAA along with hail size comparison chart.

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