10 Favorite Finds {2019–2020}

Ten favorite finds from the archives: 1. 100 Lapbook Templates {Free} 2. Handwriting Worksheet Creator {Free} 3. Full Electronics Course…Free! 4. 6 Winnie-the-Pooh Printables {Free} 5. Create Your Own Worksheets {Free} 6. Cloud Chart {Free} 7. Printable Paper {Featured Site} 8. My State {Free Unit Study} 9. Core Knowledge PreK–8 Book List {Free} 10. MeetContinue reading “10 Favorite Finds {2019–2020}”

Coloring with Spiders ~ Free Download

Coloring with Spiders is a great find from the University of Florida extension center that goes perfectly with the spider portion of our free nature studies! This free 17-page download covers orb spiders, jumping spiders, and more! The illustrations are perfect for coloring, while the included captions provide just enough information to learn something atContinue reading “Coloring with Spiders ~ Free Download”

Celebrating Wildflowers Coloring Book ~ Free

Working through our free nature studies? Have you reached the wildflower section yet? You’ll want to grab this free Celebrating Wildflowers Coloring Book from the U. S. Forest Service. There are 44 free pages of wildflowers to print, color, and learn from. Color Wildflowers are wildflowers you can color! Each coloring page includes a wildflowerContinue reading “Celebrating Wildflowers Coloring Book ~ Free”

Animal Report Form Free

We had a favorite notebooking printable for recording information about animals that is no longer available. This free Animal Report Form from Highland Heritage is a perfect substitute! You’ll find room for: Animal name. Scientific name. Classification. Size. Lifespan. Description. Special traits. Diet. Home. And more! There is also a map to denote where theContinue reading “Animal Report Form Free”

Animal Facts Page Creator {Free}

Here is another great tool from ReadWriteThink.org — an animal facts page creator. The Animal Inquiry interactive helps students investigate an animal and record information in the following areas: Facts. Babies. Interactions. Habitats. To begin, create a title for your project and choose one of the areas above. Then follow the prompts to record: WhatContinue reading “Animal Facts Page Creator {Free}”

Find: Blackline Math Masters {Free}

Gearing up for fall? Ready to tackle math? Want help? These free blackline math masters from Nova Scotia’s Department of Education and Early Childhood Development are a great find! You’ll find over 200 pages of math-related downloads including: Number charts. Addition charts. Multiplication charts. Base 10 foldables. Number lines. Calendars. Clocks. Fraction foldables. Geometry downloads.Continue reading “Find: Blackline Math Masters {Free}”

Insect Coloring Book {Free Download}

Free from the Smithsonian Science Education site, an insect coloring book just in time for summer insect fun! The free download features large blackline masters of the following bugs: Butterfly. Dung beetle. Firefly. Walking leaf. Stink bug. Hornet. Summer is a great time to get outdoors and explore bugs. And although the bugs featured inContinue reading “Insect Coloring Book {Free Download}”

38 Graphic Organizers {Free}

Depending on your student, the easiest way to convey a concept or encourage output may be a graphic organizer. And here are 38 free graphic organizers from Houghton Mifflin already constructed for you! Help your … children classify ideas and communicate more effectively. Use graphic organizers to structure writing projects, to help in problem solving, decisionContinue reading “38 Graphic Organizers {Free}”

Symbols of Christmas Minibooks {Free}

So cute and goes so well with Karen Caroe’s christmas symbols unit study, A Blessed Christmas, that we are once again including links to these symbols of Christmas minibooks from Eclectic Education. The minibooks cover the following symbols of Christmas (each is an individual download): Bells Candles Candy Cane (the shepherd’s staff) Decorating the TreeContinue reading “Symbols of Christmas Minibooks {Free}”

Drawing & Writing Notebooking Paper {Free Download}

We have updated our Drawing & Writing Notebooking Paper set, adding a bit more room and including a college-ruled page. This is simple notebooking set that you’ll find referenced throughout our site that can be used for: Narrations. Booklet-making. Science studies. Creating personalized notebooks of any kind. These simple pages are great for a variety ofContinue reading “Drawing & Writing Notebooking Paper {Free Download}”