5 Steps to Developing a Lifelong Learner

Hey, that’s the point, right? We all want to be able to learn anything for ourselves. And we want to keep learning our entire lives. So, as educators, how do we encourage lifelong learning? Here are 5 simple steps — things to focus on when developing a lifelong learner:   1. Exploration Lifelong learners areContinue reading “5 Steps to Developing a Lifelong Learner”

Productive Alternative to a Gap Year: Run a Business!

It has always been true, but perhaps with college having become a default societal setting it is even more obvious now — there are a vast number of students attending college with absolutely no idea why they are there! Unfortunately, many will leave deeply in dept, not terribly more skilled than when they started, andContinue reading “Productive Alternative to a Gap Year: Run a Business!”

Why Read Aloud? {Free Poster}

Here is one to hang up somewhere in full view. ReadAloud.org offers six reasons to read aloud to your children in this free infographic download: Language development. Instill a love of reading. Gain and share knowledge. Build literacy. Brain development. Bonding. Reading aloud is one very nonnegotiable tool in the homeschool mom’s toolbox. Why? CheckContinue reading “Why Read Aloud? {Free Poster}”

A Natural Beginning: 9 Helps for Preschool the Natural Way

Preschool these days seems to emphasize the “school” part without taking notice of the “pre” part. It is possible to provide a natural beginning — while still developing a love of learning. Did you ever notice that homeschool moms and their children play School, while good teachers at school play Home? A Biblical Home EducationContinue reading “A Natural Beginning: 9 Helps for Preschool the Natural Way”

Activity: Collect Vocabulary

We’ve already provided 5 ideas toward a richer vocabulary.  The takeaway is that developing a rich vocabulary is directly correlated to the amount of attention paid to it.  In other words, a rich vocabulary is dependent upon the habit of collecting words.  So let’s get to it:  Collect Vocabulary! Suggestions Some of us are simplyContinue reading “Activity: Collect Vocabulary”

Summer Fun Activity: Summer Memory Jar

When the summer ends, the school supplies are brought back out, and the pencils are all sharpened…is the first thing your child looks forward to that “What I Did This Summer” report?  I think not.  Try something new!  Make a summer memory jar! This Martha Stewart memory jar idea can easily be adapted to holdContinue reading “Summer Fun Activity: Summer Memory Jar”