Johnny Kaw: A Kansas Tall Tale ~ Read Free

Kansas has its own tall tale to rival Paul Bunyan: warm-hearted Johnny Kaw! We love the story of Johnny Kaw: A Tall Tale, about a fictional Kansas settler recommended in our Kansas Unit Study. This illustrated version by Devin Scillian is currently free to read through Kindle Unlimited. If you have never tried Kindle UnlimitedContinue reading “Johnny Kaw: A Kansas Tall Tale ~ Read Free”

10 Free Read Alouds ~ PreK–2

Reading aloud develops skills and creates a storehouse of knowledge — among other things. So the question remains: What to read aloud? Where do you start? Creating a personalized reading list can be challenging but also fun! They key is to start with someone else’s list and then add and subtract books that appeal toContinue reading “10 Free Read Alouds ~ PreK–2”

8 Places to Find Children’s Books in the Public Domain

We posted our favorites in 2012. But an update is long overdue! There are many quality children’s books in the public domain. These books have survived the test of time! The challenge is to find them. Yes, you can search Project Gutenberg or Google Books. But if you are looking for an easier path, hereContinue reading “8 Places to Find Children’s Books in the Public Domain”

Eating the Alphabet {Free to Read — Time Limited}

Eating the Alphabet by Lois Ehlert is a beautiful picture book filled with fruits and veggies from A to Z. (See Additional Resources below.) We recommend this title in our Fruits & Veggies unit study. Now for a limited time you can read this title for free with a Kindle Unlimited subscription. If you haveContinue reading “Eating the Alphabet {Free to Read — Time Limited}”

My Book of Ten Fishes {Free eBook}

This is a cute and wonderfully illustrated book about “fishes” for young children. Written by Rosalie G. Mendel and illustrated by Hazel Frazee, My Book of Ten Fishes is an introductory picture book for young readers covering: Star fish. Salmon. Lobster. Shark. Crab. Whale. Oyster. Sardine. Now, you’ll notice two things: first, if you addContinue reading “My Book of Ten Fishes {Free eBook}”

The Baby’s Own Aesop {Free eBook}

The collection of fables we attribute to the Greek slave Aesop number over 700. These simple tales with a moral have entertained humanity for centuries. Though originally aimed at adults, it is thought that sometime after the Renaissance they became a form of entertainment for children while at the same time teaching simple morals. TheContinue reading “The Baby’s Own Aesop {Free eBook}”

One Wintry Night ~ Review of a Christmas Favorite

One Wintry Night by Ruth Bell Graham is a beautifully illustrated picture book that you will want to add to your Christmas reading list! A young “mountain smart” boy ends up caught in a snowstorm and seeks shelter in a log home his grandpa helped build. The elderly woman who lives there welcomes him withContinue reading “One Wintry Night ~ Review of a Christmas Favorite”

A Book of Birds {Free eBook}

  Here is one for the younger crowd: A Book of Birds, free eBook download, illustrated by British artist Carton Moore Park. The twenty-six featured birds include those most likely to be interesting to young readers: Flamingo. Vulture. Penguin. Eagle. Heron. Chicken. Raven. Goose. Pelican. Duck. Parrot. Owl. More! The brief introduction to each birdContinue reading “A Book of Birds {Free eBook}”

The Conceited Pig {Free eBook}

The Conceited Pig is one of the many books published in the 18th century that through moral tales involving fantasy elements (talking animals) allowed the characters to learn by their mistakes, taking the reader along with them. Virtues had a tendency to be “rammed home” giving critics like Hilaire Belloc (author of Cautionary Tales forContinue reading “The Conceited Pig {Free eBook}”

The Pied Piper of Hamelin {Free eBook & Go-Alongs}

The Piped Piper of Hamelin by Robert Browning is a famous poem often found on reading lists. You can download a free version of the book beautifully illustrated by Kate Greenaway. The story of the pied piper of Hamelin originated in Germany. It is said that in the late 13th century when the town wasContinue reading “The Pied Piper of Hamelin {Free eBook & Go-Alongs}”

Preschool Thumbelina Download with Activities {Free}

Update: These free read-aloud and activity downloads are now available as part of a complete set. Free registration is required. “Thumbelina” is a fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen that tells the many adventures of a very tiny little girl.  Like all good once-upon-a-time fairy tales, this one has a happy ending where they allContinue reading “Preschool Thumbelina Download with Activities {Free}”