Abroad {Free eBook}

Abroad, illustrated by Thomas Crane and Ellen E. Houghton, is a free picture book for young readers that will frame an early introduction to France.

Published in 1880, Abroad tells the story of a family’s travels from London through a tour of France and back home.

Abroad {Free eBook}

With all who choose to spare the time
We’ll wander to a neighbouring clime.
Nor need you leave your own fireside,
For with fair Fancy for our guide,
Our winged thoughts, in swallow-flight,
Shall cross the Channel smooth and bright:
And in despite of wind or weather,
We’ll make our little tour together.

They board a steamer at Folkestone, England, to cross the Channel, land at Boulogne, France, and spend the night in a hotel. Then begin their adventures through Rouen, Caen, and Paris, before heading through Calais and back to Dover.

Young ones will love the beautiful illustrations, which really tell the story that is otherwise related in verse. By adding in a few of the suggestions below, you can give the book a broader appeal.

We have added this treasure to our France unit.

Beautiful and fun geography lesson — and it is free!

Free eBook

  • Create a notebook to hold your tour of France.
  • Find the locations mentioned on a globe (for younger children).
  • Find the locations on a map of France that can be added to the notebook (for older students).
  • Visit the locations online to see how they appear today.
  • Learn more about France by using a few of the resources in our free France unit study.

Additional Resources

Map Locations

Abroad {Free eBook}

Abroad by Thomas Crane and Ellen Houghten
Full-color paperback edition for those interested.

France: A Unit Study
Lots of resources for expanding your studies.

Map of France
For marking locations visited and adding to notebook.

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