Summer is in full swing. It’s time to break out the books! Reading during the summer is one easy summer learning strategy. Ready to make it fun? Try our Summer Reading Challenge.

Readers can choose books from a variety of categories that will keep them reading and spur their interest. There is no right or wrong way to complete the challenge. Do what works for your family.

Have fun!

  1. Read a book by your favorite author.
  2. Read a book about an animal.
  3. Read a book that won a Caldecott award.
  4. Read a book that deals with music.
  5. Read a book over 100 pages long.
  6. Read a book that takes place on or near water.
  7. Read a book about a country.
  8. Read a book about an invention.
  9. Read a historical fiction title.
  10. Read a book that won a Newbery award.
  11. Read a book written by E.B. White.
  12. Read a book without words.
  13. Read a book you borrow.
  14. Read a book recommended by an adult.
  15. Read a book that takes place in the summer.
  16. Read a book about a historical figure.
  17. Read a book that deals with nature.
  18. Read a book about a scientist.
  19. Read your favorite book out loud to someone else.
  20. Read a book about a missionary.
  21. Read a funny book.
  22. Read a book about something you are currently very interested in.
  23. Read a book about a bug or bugs.
  24. Read a book that deals with art.
  25. Read a book about a craft or hobby.
  26. Read a biography.
  27. Read a book that shows you how to do something you’ve always wanted to learn to do.
  28. Read a book of short stories.
  29. Read a book that is part of a series.
  30. Read a book that takes place in a season other than summer.

Additional Resources

The Library
You’ll find suggestions and free eBooks for many of the categories above in our library!

Reading Lists
Or pull a book off one of our reading lists.

Finally, for suggestions for specific categories like science, history, or nature, try our index.

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