10 Free Read Alouds ~ PreK–2

Reading aloud develops skills and creates a storehouse of knowledge — among other things. So the question remains: What to read aloud? Where do you start? Creating a personalized reading list can be challenging but also fun! They key is to start with someone else’s list and then add and subtract books that appeal toContinue reading “10 Free Read Alouds ~ PreK–2”

5 Steps to Developing a Lifelong Learner

Hey, that’s the point, right? We all want to be able to learn anything for ourselves. And we want to keep learning our entire lives. So, as educators, how do we encourage lifelong learning? Here are 5 simple steps — things to focus on when developing a lifelong learner:   1. Exploration Lifelong learners areContinue reading “5 Steps to Developing a Lifelong Learner”

Construct-A-Word Phonics Interactive {Free}

One of the ways to approach phonics recommended by Ruth Beechick is to have the student learn just a few sounds, then add a letter and blend. Construct-A-Word (flash required), an interactive at ReadWriteThink.org, provides an easy way for students to practice blending! After logging in with a first name, students select an ending toContinue reading “Construct-A-Word Phonics Interactive {Free}”

Classics in Words of One Syllable {Free eBooks}

If you are looking for quality reading material for your young reader, you may appreciate these free public domain classics told in words of one syllable. There are several reasons to have our children read abridged versions of classics: Reading versions they understand builds early interest. While there are few reasons to read an abridgedContinue reading “Classics in Words of One Syllable {Free eBooks}”

How to Use Noah Webster’s Reading Handbook

Noah Webster’s Reading Handbook published by Christian Liberty Press is a great inexpensive option for those who feel they need more guidance than is offered in A Home Start in Reading by Ruth Beechick. The Reading Handbook uses the same method, but is already laid out for you in lessons. Cathy Duffy recommends Noah Webster’sContinue reading “How to Use Noah Webster’s Reading Handbook”

Why Read Aloud? {Free Poster}

Here is one to hang up somewhere in full view. ReadAloud.org offers six reasons to read aloud to your children in this free infographic download: Language development. Instill a love of reading. Gain and share knowledge. Build literacy. Brain development. Bonding. Reading aloud is one very nonnegotiable tool in the homeschool mom’s toolbox. Why? CheckContinue reading “Why Read Aloud? {Free Poster}”

Reading-Literature: The Primer {Free eBook}

As our young children learn to read, we often find ourselves scampering about for material that is easy enough for them to read, but at the same time is interesting, will hold their attention and isn’t twaddle! Reading-Literature: The Primer by Harriette Treadwell and Margaret Free (The Treadwell Primer) fits this bill nicely. Reading isContinue reading “Reading-Literature: The Primer {Free eBook}”