Unit Studies

DIY Homeschooler had now been around over 20 years. Over those years we have posted a great number of free unit studies. The other day we stopped to count them. Over 100 free units! Who knew? These units cover a very wide variety of topics. You may be wondering how to best use them. Here you go:

1. Choose

You may have time for a full look. On the other hand, you may prefer a cursory glance. Whatever it is you need, take that. Leave the rest.

2. Investigate

We tend to think of our units as investigations. Really, the person doing the research is the one learning. Imagine how much we have learned pulling together over 100 units!

Let your child investigate and research on his own. Depending on his age, you can preview and provide appropriate resources and tools.

3. Read

Books. Don’t forget the books.

We always try to provide several book recommendations based on those books we are personally familiar with. Whether our recommendations fit your family or not, try other book lists and add more. The more read (individually or as family read-alouds), the more learned.

4. Interact

Next up, interact with what you are reading — online or through literature. We always get more out of what we interact with. You’ll find help at 6 Ways to Get the Most From Your Literature-Based Studies.

5. Practice

Your student has absorbed the content, now it is time for him to practice his skills. The simplest beginning is to have him narrate what he has learned. Here are a few other helps:

6. Create

Once something has been taken in (input) it is time for something to come out (output). There are many different forms output can take:

The last question remaining is … which one will you tackle next?

Additional Resources

Free Holiday Helps
Free holiday unit studies. Holidays are a great time to invest in an investigatory unit!

Free Book Studies
These are special to us. We take a book and create a series of lessons (or investigatory units) around the text. Current offerings include nature, history, science, and music.

Free State Unit Studies
Tons of resources to cover a favorite state (even if yours is not currently listed).

Free Unit Studies in Chronological Order
Working your way through time?

Free Unit Studies by Event/Date
Want to know what happened on this day?

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