Persuasion Map for Persuasive Essays {Free Interactive}

Here is another great tool at A free persuasion map interactive that walks a student through the process of creating a persuasive essay. The interactive is easy and intuitive to use. Begin by entering your name and a title for your essay. Then press the “get started” button. Next you are prompted to formContinue reading “Persuasion Map for Persuasive Essays {Free Interactive}”

Letter Generator Interactive {Free}

After a child is able to write comfortably, he will need things to write. We have suggested 8 writing activities for the younger student — one of which is writing a letter. This free Letter Generator interactive at is an excellent guide for the younger writer. The letter generator provides an easy way toContinue reading “Letter Generator Interactive {Free}”

The Century Handbook of Writing {Free eBook}

Here is one we actually have on the shelf, so it is particularly nice to see it available as a free download. The Century Handbook of Writing by Garland Greever and Easley S. Jones was originally published in 1920 to help students improve their writing skills — themselves. By a device equally efficient, the bookContinue reading “The Century Handbook of Writing {Free eBook}”

English Grammar & Composition {Free eBook}

If you spend any time on this site at all, you know we strongly advocate the natural way of walking our children through language arts. Spending each successive year drilling grammar will not make a good writer. Good writers write. With a successful track record in writing, your student will be ready for a goodContinue reading “English Grammar & Composition {Free eBook}”

Language Arts the Natural Way: Dictation

We started by reading to our child, familiarizing him with language. At some point we had him narrate to us what was read, absorbing the language. Our child traced his name. Then he began copying — letters, sentences, paragraphs. Now that he is familiar with language and has been writing comfortably for some time, weContinue reading “Language Arts the Natural Way: Dictation”

Language Arts the Natural Way: Copying

Once a child is comfortable holding a pencil, he can begin copying. Rather than starting with copywork, some prefer to start with tracing. Probably your child’s first writing lesson was when you printed his name and he traced it or copied it. Or maybe you started even earlier with one letter instead of a word….Continue reading “Language Arts the Natural Way: Copying”

Language Arts the Natural Way: Narrating

I remember when we first started homeschooling our oldest. I, fortunately, didn’t know any better than to just pull together those materials I thought we needed. One of these gems was the first book in the Writing Strands series by Dave Marks. This little book focused on writing — “oral writing.” It was much laterContinue reading “Language Arts the Natural Way: Narrating”