State History Research Project ~ Free

Most states require a student to study state history. If you are looking for an easy do-it-yourself way to meet this requirement, you might appreciate this free state history research project from Accelerated Christian Education Ministries. This 9-page download provides an independent study guide to help a student research his state, culminating in a notebookContinue reading “State History Research Project ~ Free”

7 Steps to Scientific Research

Scientists learn how things work by forming a guess and then testing their assumptions by experimenting. The process usually starts with an observation that leads to a question. Here are 7 steps students can take when performing scientific research.   The Scientific Method in a Nutshell At its very simplest the scientific method distills downContinue reading “7 Steps to Scientific Research”

5 Steps to Developing a Lifelong Learner

Hey, that’s the point, right? We all want to be able to learn anything for ourselves. And we want to keep learning our entire lives. So, as educators, how do we encourage lifelong learning? Here are 5 simple steps — things to focus on when developing a lifelong learner:   1. Exploration Lifelong learners areContinue reading “5 Steps to Developing a Lifelong Learner”

Animal Facts Page Creator {Free}

Here is another great tool from — an animal facts page creator. The Animal Inquiry interactive helps students investigate an animal and record information in the following areas: Facts. Babies. Interactions. Habitats. To begin, create a title for your project and choose one of the areas above. Then follow the prompts to record: WhatContinue reading “Animal Facts Page Creator {Free}”

8 Homeschool-Handy Open Source Alternatives

When you are on a budget, it is nice to know there are alternatives to some of the more expensive software applications! Many of these alternatives are not only free, but in some cases better than the original. Here are our favorite homeschool-handy open source alternatives: OpenOffice Update: We now recommend LibreOffice. An every-bit-as-good alternativeContinue reading “8 Homeschool-Handy Open Source Alternatives”

Scholarly Encyclopedia {Free Online}

Considered one of the most scholarly encyclopedias published, the 1911 Encyclopedia Britannica is available free online. Topics are covered in much more depth than we are used to seeing in an encyclopedia. Over 1500 authors contributed to the more than 40 million words. The bibliographies at the end of articles are also helpful for continuingContinue reading “Scholarly Encyclopedia {Free Online}”