State History Research Project ~ Free

Most states require a student to study state history. If you are looking for an easy do-it-yourself way to meet this requirement, you might appreciate this free state history research project from Accelerated Christian Education Ministries.

This 9-page download provides an independent study guide to help a student research his state, culminating in a notebook containing the results of his independent research.

The following is a brief list of topics/assignments covered:

  • Mapping the state, bordering states, and bordering bodies of water on a U.S. map.
  • Drawing a map of the state that includes major cities, bodies of water, and other geographic formations.
  • Illustrating the state symbols.
  • A report that includes:
    • Physical geography, climate, and resources.
    • Early explorations and inhabitants.
    • Statehood.
    • Transportation.
    • Economy.
    • Newspaper clippings of major events.
    • Summary and observations.
    • Bibliography (example provided).

A United States map for labeling is included in the download, along with a grading form for those interested.

Notebooking and research are valuable tools when it comes to self-education. Here is a great way to practice them!

We’ve added this resource to our free state unit studies. Another great tool in the toolbox!

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