Laura Ingalls Wilder: A Unit Study

We have extensively updated our Laura Ingalls Wilder unit! Among our favorite read-alouds were the books in the Little House series. We’ve actually been through them more than once (and individuals in the family have also read them on their own). My husband and I have even shared the series in nighttime read-alouds (he is enjoying the opportunity to catch up on treasured classics he missed out on as a child). Considering the importance of the series in our lives, it was time to “put some legs” on the unit.

Here are some of the new additions you will find:

  • The biggest update is the addition of suggestions for interacting with the books by creating a notebook, using passages for your natural language arts lessons, and recording projects.
  • The addition of the book we featured yesterday — so beautiful!
  • A Little House—inspired site that provides over a dozen “old-fashioned crafts” for the family to do together.
  • Two additional thematic units with instructions for the busy tutor.

Our interest in the Little House series has taken us through the Prairie Primer, to one of Laura’s little houses, and deep in the midst of long winters. We have not only thoroughly enjoyed our time spent with the Ingalls family, we have learned and loved and grown. Enjoy this read-aloud series with your family … no matter the ages.

Additional Resources
Laura Ingalls Wilder: A Unit Study

Laura Ingalls Wilder: A Unit Study
Have fun!

Complete Little House

The Complete Little House Nine-Book Set by Laura Ingalls Wilder
All of the books in the series illustrated by Garth Williams.

The Prairie Primer

The Prairie Primer by Margie Gray
We link to the book in our unit, but visit the publisher’s site for more information and samples. As the author notes, there is far too much material to cover. We are to pick and choose. Nevertheless, there is so much to learn, it’s worth the effort!

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