Johnny Kaw: A Kansas Tall Tale ~ Read Free

Kansas has its own tall tale to rival Paul Bunyan: warm-hearted Johnny Kaw! We love the story of Johnny Kaw: A Tall Tale, about a fictional Kansas settler recommended in our Kansas Unit Study. This illustrated version by Devin Scillian is currently free to read through Kindle Unlimited. If you have never tried Kindle UnlimitedContinue reading “Johnny Kaw: A Kansas Tall Tale ~ Read Free”

5 Tips for Creating a Reading List

Reading is the backbone of learning. When educating at home or tutoring, good literature can be the backbone of your curriculum (or course of study). The task becomes creating a great reading list. Here are our six tips for creating a reading list: Tips for Creating a Reading List 1. Include the Youngest Start early.Continue reading “5 Tips for Creating a Reading List”

10 Free Read Alouds ~ PreK–2

Reading aloud develops skills and creates a storehouse of knowledge — among other things. So the question remains: What to read aloud? Where do you start? Creating a personalized reading list can be challenging but also fun! They key is to start with someone else’s list and then add and subtract books that appeal toContinue reading “10 Free Read Alouds ~ PreK–2”

8 Places to Find Children’s Books in the Public Domain

We posted our favorites in 2012. But an update is long overdue! There are many quality children’s books in the public domain. These books have survived the test of time! The challenge is to find them. Yes, you can search Project Gutenberg or Google Books. But if you are looking for an easier path, hereContinue reading “8 Places to Find Children’s Books in the Public Domain”

Laura Ingalls Wilder Unit {Updated}

We have extensively updated our Laura Ingalls Wilder unit! Among our favorite read-alouds were the books in the Little House series. We’ve actually been through them more than once (and individuals in the family have also read them on their own). My husband and I have even shared the series in nighttime read-alouds (he isContinue reading “Laura Ingalls Wilder Unit {Updated}”

Little House Activity Guide {Free}

Celebrate Little House on the Prairie series author Laura Ingalls Wilder’s birthday on February 7! This free Little House Activity Guide download from Harper Collins is an excellent go-along to the series. The 17-page download includes biographical information, general writing and thinking activities, and specific discussion questions (narration prompts!) and writing activities for each bookContinue reading “Little House Activity Guide {Free}”

Our American Holidays: Christmas {Free eBook}

Just in time for Christmas, here is another free eBook in the Our American Holidays series. Christmas: Its Origin, Celebration and Significance as Related in Prose and Verse edited by Robert Haven Schauffler is a free and comprehensive collection of poems, essays, plays, and short stories all about Christmas! It was the habit of himContinue reading “Our American Holidays: Christmas {Free eBook}”