Instilling a Proper View of Work

Much like it does of success, our world has an odd view of work. We daily see those who loathe their jobs, who do the minimum amount possible to still receive compensation for their work, and those who feel that they are owed. There are also those who daily complain about doing the work in the first place. Hopefully, our children will begin their careers with something more in mind than a job and a paycheck. Hopefully, they will use their skills for God’s glory. And we must not forget to instill a proper view of work.

Too many work for the wage to be paid them at the end of the week, and become so degraded in their aim that they will only put in the best work when they are promised the highest pay….

…[W]hy should not all men and women do whatever God has given them to do for the same high end? Not for fee or reward, not for the wages which are, of course, necessary and deserved, not for the applause and praise of one or many; but because work is honorable and noble, because a true man finds his highest reward in putting his noblest self into all he does, because it is a scandal and shame to be content with anything less than the best, because God and his high angels are looking on, and because scamped work will return on us in other worlds to confront and shame us.

There is no surer sign of deterioration of character than contentment with inferior work….

What counts in God’s sight is not the work we do, but the way in which we do it…..

Never be ashamed of honest toil, of labors, however trivial or menial, which you can execute beneath the inspiration of noble aims; but be ashamed of the work which, though it makes men hold their breath in wonder, yet, in your heart, you know to have emanated from earthly, selfish, and ignoble aims.

What we make, makes us….

At the end of life’s brief day we shall be rewarded, not according to the work we have done, but to the faithfulness with which we have endeavored to do our duty, in whatever sphere. Let us live and work with that day in view; and let us never forget that the ultimate reward for conspicuous service will be given not to the one who seemed, to the eye of man, to render it, but to those also who enabled him to render it….

This is the way to do a good day’s work. Begin it with God; do all in the name of the Lord Jesus and for the glory of God; count nothing common or unclean in itself — it can only be so when the motive of your life is low. Be not content with eye-service, but as servants of God do everything from the heart, and for his “Well done.”

Ask Him to kindle and maintain in your heart the loftiest motives; and be as men that watch for the coming of the Master of the house.

A Good Start by F.B. Meyer

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Out of the Heart

Out of the Heart
“What you are is what you are when no one is looking.”

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