God at Work: Your Christian Vocation in All of Life {Review}

It is that time of year when some will graduate — with no clue what they want out of life. Hopefully we have provided our children with a love of learning, given them time to develop their interests, talents, and gifts, and provided them with a path to their future. For those still confused GodContinue reading “God at Work: Your Christian Vocation in All of Life {Review}”

Learn to Code Apps and Websites {Free!}

Codecademy offers an easy way to learn and develop programming skills! The site, which has grown considerably since our first review in 2012, offers an interactive approach to help students learn to code apps and websites — at no cost. At this time, students can choose various avenues to explore including: HTML and CSS PHPContinue reading “Learn to Code Apps and Websites {Free!}”

Productive Alternative to a Gap Year: Run a Business!

It has always been true, but perhaps with college having become a default societal setting it is even more obvious now — there are a vast number of students attending college with absolutely no idea why they are there! Unfortunately, many will leave deeply in dept, not terribly more skilled than when they started, andContinue reading “Productive Alternative to a Gap Year: Run a Business!”

45 Life Skills Your Children Need Before They Leave Home

There are many things we do each day — life skills — that we take for granted. We’ve done them so long that we forget that our children might not know how to do them. One easy remedy is to include our children in our daily activities, instructing as we go. Get the children involvedContinue reading “45 Life Skills Your Children Need Before They Leave Home”

College Prep Reading List {Free}

Whether your child ends up needing a college education to pursue his profession or not, you’ll appreciate this free college prep recommended reading list from Dr. James Stobaugh at For Such a Time as This. Like all reading lists, you’ll want to preview and pick, choose, and add those titles that fit your family.  NotContinue reading “College Prep Reading List {Free}”

Electoral College Tools {Free}

C-Span is offering educators tools for helping students understand the electoral college process in its The Electoral College and the Constitution lesson plan. All tools are free downloads. 2012 Electoral Map Electoral College History Very nice chart showing modern electoral college results from 1900-2008.  These results are also compared to the popular vote. 2012 ElectoralContinue reading “Electoral College Tools {Free}”