The Boy Electrician ~ Free eBook

The Boy Electrician is a free eBook originally published in 1914. It was written by a beloved author of technical books aimed at boys of that time. Alfred Powell Morgan was an electrical engineer, inventor, and author who brought all things electrical and mechanical down to earth for young people. According to a brief autobiographicalContinue reading “The Boy Electrician ~ Free eBook”

He’s BAC! ~ Free Food Safety Download for Kids

Free 28-page download from the University of Georgia Extension on food safety for kids. He’s BAC! is a Children’s Guide to Keeping Food Safe. Written and illustrated in a colorful comic book format, He’s BAC! covers: Washing your hands. Washing tables. Washing fruits and vegetables. Keeping meats separate from other foods. Heating food to theContinue reading “He’s BAC! ~ Free Food Safety Download for Kids”

God at Work: Your Christian Vocation in All of Life {Review}

It is that time of year when some will graduate — with no clue what they want out of life. Hopefully we have provided our children with a love of learning, given them time to develop their interests, talents, and gifts, and provided them with a path to their future. For those still confused GodContinue reading “God at Work: Your Christian Vocation in All of Life {Review}”

Learn to Code Apps and Websites {Free!}

Codecademy offers an easy way to learn and develop programming skills! The site, which has grown considerably since our first review in 2012, offers an interactive approach to help students learn to code apps and websites — at no cost. At this time, students can choose various avenues to explore including: HTML and CSS PHPContinue reading “Learn to Code Apps and Websites {Free!}”

What Makes an Entrepreneur? {Free Lesson Plan}

With college costs high and job outlooks low, many students and graduates decide to start their own businesses. And to help students build an entrepreneurial mindset, several organizations and think tanks are encouraging an entrepreneurship education plan down to as low as elementary-level students. Whether or not your child will decide to go the entrepreneurialContinue reading “What Makes an Entrepreneur? {Free Lesson Plan}”

The Family Garden Journal {Update}

Now in a new compact size, The Family Garden Journal: A Keepsake of Daily Plans, Observations, and Harvests from will see a price increase after the first of the year. This is a great time to pick up this family notebooking keepsake! This beautiful paperback journal can help you or a loved one developContinue reading “The Family Garden Journal {Update}”

Character Study {Free Download}

Building Character: A Bible Study for Adolescents and Teens is a free character study download from the C.S. Lewis Institute. The 28-page study guide has 9 weeks of lessons including an introduction and then covering: Integrity. A teachable spirit. Self-discipline. Compassion. A servant’s heart. Courage. Faith. Joy. The format for each week is simple, makingContinue reading “Character Study {Free Download}”

Introduction to Arduino {Free eBook}

If you have read between the lines, you realize that we are sort of engineering-oriented around here (well, at least most of us). One of the really cool projects completed — and actually in use — is an Arduino-based HVAC controller. In case you don’t know, Arduino is an open source hardware/software platform or microcontrollerContinue reading “Introduction to Arduino {Free eBook}”

Radio Reception and Transmission {Free Lesson Plan}

If you have a budding engineer on your hands, you may appreciate these free lesson plans on radio reception and transmission from In these lessons, students build and test an FM receiver and FM transmitter. They learn about the challenges involved in building and testing circuits. These circuits can be built with a circuitContinue reading “Radio Reception and Transmission {Free Lesson Plan}”

45 Life Skills Your Children Need Before They Leave Home

There are many things we do each day — life skills — that we take for granted. We’ve done them so long that we forget that our children might not know how to do them. One easy remedy is to include our children in our daily activities, instructing as we go. Get the children involvedContinue reading “45 Life Skills Your Children Need Before They Leave Home”

Why Read Aloud? {Free Poster}

Here is one to hang up somewhere in full view. offers six reasons to read aloud to your children in this free infographic download: Language development. Instill a love of reading. Gain and share knowledge. Build literacy. Brain development. Bonding. Reading aloud is one very nonnegotiable tool in the homeschool mom’s toolbox. Why? CheckContinue reading “Why Read Aloud? {Free Poster}”