First Number Book ~ Free
We love Jan Brett’s work! And here is a wonderful gift for young students: a beautifully illustrated first number book!

Download each of the pages for the numbers 0 through 10 (there are two versions of the number 4), 11 through 20, and 21 through 30. Then choose a cover for your number book.
Booklet-making is a perfect first step on the road to notebooking. When students create their own booklets, the information sticks.

Great for learning the numbers, counting, and handwriting. And they are free!

Free Download


Additional Resources

Beechick BasicsAn Easy Start in Arithmetic by Dr. Ruth Beechick
All you need to teach primary math. Really! Targeted to parents of children in grades K–3, this title explains how children learn math — progressing through manipulative, mental image, and abstract modes of thinking — and then provides a course of learning and suggestions for teaching math for each grade. Handy resource when it comes to presenting or reviewing troublesome concepts! (Can also be purchased as one of The Three R’s.)

First Year in Number {Free eBook}
The download goes great with the introductory text for those who prefer something a bit more formal.

10 Ways to Use Notebooking
Once you have this first booklet, keep going!

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