Exploring the Milky Way ~ Free NASA Download

Exploring the Milky Way is a free 58-page download from NASA aimed at middle-grade students. Using real world examples, the student can brush up on using large numbers, coordinate systems, and problem solving. This collection of activities is intended for students looking for additional challenges in the math and physical science curriculum in grades 6Continue reading “Exploring the Milky Way ~ Free NASA Download”

Find: Blackline Math Masters {Free}

Gearing up for fall? Ready to tackle math? Want help? These free blackline math masters from Nova Scotia’s Department of Education and Early Childhood Development are a great find! You’ll find over 200 pages of math-related downloads including: Number charts. Addition charts. Multiplication charts. Base 10 foldables. Number lines. Calendars. Clocks. Fraction foldables. Geometry downloads.Continue reading “Find: Blackline Math Masters {Free}”

Amusements in Mathematics {Free eBook}

Want a fun way for your older students to avoid mathematical/logical brain drain over the summer? Have them complete a puzzle or two each day from the free eBook, Amusements in Mathematics by Henry Ernest Dudeney. Amusements in Mathematics contains 430 mathematical puzzles (and, fortunately, their solutions). Every puzzle that is worthy of consideration canContinue reading “Amusements in Mathematics {Free eBook}”

Marks’ First Lessons in Geometry {Free eBook}

A picture is worth a thousand words. If that works for you (or your student) you’ll love this free introduction to geometry first published in the late 1800s: Marks’ First Lessons in Geometry by Bernhard Marks. The author holds that this science should be taught in all primary and grammar schools, for the same reasonsContinue reading “Marks’ First Lessons in Geometry {Free eBook}”

The Arithmetic Primer by Frank H. Hall {Free eBook}

The Arithmetic Primer by Frank H. Hall is another wonderful tool in the DIY homeschool mom’s toolbox! Frank H. Hall wrote a series of arithmetic books published by Werner School Book Company in the early 1900s. There were two series — one graded and one not graded. The primer was intended to stand alone andContinue reading “The Arithmetic Primer by Frank H. Hall {Free eBook}”