A Natural Beginning: 9 Helps for Preschool the Natural Way

Preschool these days seems to emphasize the “school” part without taking notice of the “pre” part. It is possible to provide a natural beginning — while still developing a love of learning. Did you ever notice that homeschool moms and their children play School, while good teachers at school play Home? A Biblical Home EducationContinue reading “A Natural Beginning: 9 Helps for Preschool the Natural Way”

Preschool Thumbelina Download with Activities {Free}

Update: These free read-aloud and activity downloads are now available as part of a complete set. Free registration is required. “Thumbelina” is a fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen that tells the many adventures of a very tiny little girl.  Like all good once-upon-a-time fairy tales, this one has a happy ending where they allContinue reading “Preschool Thumbelina Download with Activities {Free}”

Bible-Based Preschool Unit Studies {Free}

Have preschoolers? These Bible-based preschool unit studies from Hubbard’s Cupboard are perfect for little ones! There are three options divided by age — all adaptable to all preschoolers. A curriculum alignment chart shows the scope and sequence of each of the three units and what they cover each month — helpful for placement and coordinatingContinue reading “Bible-Based Preschool Unit Studies {Free}”

What to Do This Summer? {Free eBook}

Home Occupations for Boys and Girls by Bertha Johnston will help you do more than keep your young people occupied this summer. A quote from the initial pages: Teach him. He is naturally clever. From his earliest years, when he was a little fellow only so big, he would build mud houses, carve out boats,Continue reading “What to Do This Summer? {Free eBook}”

Mother Goose Illust. by Kate Greenaway {Free eBook}

Kate Greenaway was a very popular illustrator in the late 1800s and a contemporary of Randolph Caldecott. While The Real Mother Goose illustrated by Blanche Fisher Wright  is a more complete book of old nursery rhymes for children, some children may find Mother Goose or The Old Nursery Rhymes illustrated by Kate Greenaway a moreContinue reading “Mother Goose Illust. by Kate Greenaway {Free eBook}”

Review: Prayer for a Child

Prayer for a Child by Rachel Field is a gentle first prayer of thanks for the familiar and treasured things, and a trusting petition for the protection of God, warmed by tender, lifelike illustrations. Winner of the 1945 Caldecott medal, this beautiful book reflects the simple, childlike faith that we are all called to byContinue reading “Review: Prayer for a Child”