Compassion Begins at Home

It is good that there are places we can go to invest our resources in Christ’s name. That there are opportunities to reach those who really and so obviously need our help.  And, it is also right and good that our children see us giving and serving those in need as we become an example for them of being ambassadors for Christ.

But we can’t for a minute think that throwing money miles and miles away is our compassionate work, as good and as needed as it so obviously is.

No, real compassion must start in our own homes.

It is much easier to bless a stranger thousands of miles away than to bless those under our own roof — those who have been placed permanently in our path to rub the rough corners off by the friction of daily contact.

It’s much harder to:

  • Give a little each and every day.
  • Listen to the same story…again.
  • Endure that 145th interruption.
  • Spend a week of sleepless nights doctoring a sick little one.
  • Make eye contact with those that really need our attention — now.
  • Die to self daily.

And it is that type of daily example that will impact our children, and form their views of Christianity.

Serving Christ at Home

Many people think that work for Christ must be something outside, something great or public.  They imagine that to minister to Christ they must teach a Sunday-school class or join a missionary society or go out to visit sick people or go into hospitals or prisons on missions of mercy.

These are all beautiful and important ministries, and Christ wants some of you to do just these things too; but the very first place you are to serve him is in your own home.

Let the blessed light of your life first be shed abroad in that most sacred of all spots.  Brightening that little place, you will be the more ready to be a blessing outside.

Those who are the best Christians at home are the best everywhere else.

J.R. Miller, Bits of Pasture

Freely give.  Share kindness, love, support, dollars, and the gospel with those who so desperately need our help, both in our own communities and globally — all the while remembering that real compassion starts at home….

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