Busyness Instead of Fruitfulness

Our lives are overflowing with active responsibilities, many times leaving us feeling as if we are in constant motion, but only spinning our wheels.  So yes, we are certainly busy. But are our lives fruitful?

As homeschool moms our lives can be extremely busy and active as we teach and play with our children, act as chauffeur to and from activities and appointments, digest information, ideas, models, and methods, search for curriculum, review materials, make decisions, schedule, plan and organize

And if our days are not fruitful, what are our children reaping from the seeds we sow each day?

The great need is not to do things, but to believe things.

Oswald Chambers

Sometimes it is more difficult to be still, to pray, to learn, to observe, to wait, and then to joyfully, effectively and bountifully serve our children what they really need.

I’d rather be focused on Christ, sitting at His feet each day, concentrating my time and effort on my relationship with the Vine, so that my children can reap the benefit of His fruit in my life.

We can slow down.

We can make time for that close communion with God.

We can show our children how much we love them by giving them the one thing they really need…us!

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