Free Math Course: MEP

Many will already be aware of this free math course from the Centre for Innovation in Mathematics Teaching. We have referenced the Mathematics Enhancement Program (MEP) elsewhere, but because it is such an incredible resource that nicely tracks with the natural approach to arithmetic, we are giving it its own space.

Let’s start with the Primary Resources aimed at years 1–6. The Reception Lessons begin with pre-learners and focus on the concrete. You’ll find lots of “play” activities — which is perfect for this stage!

Year 1 begins in earnest, at the end of which the student will have a solid grasp on:

  • Using numbers up to 20.
  • Roman numerals.
  • Ascending and descending order.
  • Adding and subtracting numbers through 20.
  • Greater than and less than symbols.
  • Simple shapes.
  • Symmetry.
  • Measurement.
  • Calendar.
  • Clock.

The materials include learning objectives, fully laid-out lesson plans, exercises and solutions, student practice materials, and more. All of the materials are available in PDF.

While obviously geared toward classroom use, this is an easy course to adapt to home use.

Years 7–9 are also available, however, some of the upper level work is still under development. These courses cover (or touch on) higher math work including:

  • Base operations.
  • Fractions/percentages.
  • Linear equations.
  • Probability.
  • Statistics.
  • Algebra.
  • Geometry.
  • Trigonometry.

As you can see, this is a well-rounded course! Advanced Math is also available.

So here you have a complete math course for your students, that allows you to work at their pace, while focusing on the development of skills in a natural way. Great option — and it is free!

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