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Johnny Kaw: A Kansas Tall Tale ~ Read Free

Johnny Kaw: A Kansas Tall Tale ~ Read Free
Kansas has its own tall tale to rival Paul Bunyan: warm-hearted Johnny Kaw! We love the story of Johnny Kaw: A Tall Tale, about a fictional Kansas settler recommended in our Kansas Unit Study. This illustrated version by Devin Scillian is currently free to read through Kindle Unlimited.
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Johnny Kaw grew a little fast. Whether clearing a field of rocks, planting wheat, or taming tornadoes the things Johnny does end up larger than life.

Johnny created the Kansas landscape, geography and pioneer trails. He dug the Kaw River Valley, planted wheat, invented sunflowers, and grew giant potatoes. Johnny even controlled the weather, lopping the funnels off tornadoes and wringing out the clouds to end droughts. His pets were the wildcat and the Jayhawk, who, though fast friends, enjoyed a good scrap now and then. The result of their fights was the Dust Bowl.
The Statue of Johnny Kaw: Pioneer Kansas Wheat Farmer

Fun read that conveys all things Kansas in an engaging way.
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