What Katy Did {Free eBook}

Katy is always dreaming of the wonderful things she will do someday, when she is grown-up and beautiful and good.  She is sure that she will do something grand and heroic, something that will make her famous, whether it is saving lives or going on a crusade or becoming an artist.  She is full of good resolutions, too, about how she will set a good example for her younger brothers and sisters, and also how she will stop getting into careless scrapes.  But somehow she always forgets her resolutions at inopportune times, until….

What Katy Did by Susan Coolidge tells the story of an endearing, well-intentioned, albeit thoughtless, girl.  This is not your typical account of the adventures of boisterous, mischievous children.  Katy has a good many lessons to learn, such as carefulness, choice of friends, and endurance when suffering, as well as one of the most important lessons of all — the fact that we can’t do it on our own.

What Katy Did {Free eBook}

Available free online, What Katy Did one of those sweet stories that are suitable for readers of a wide range of ages.  There’s something in this book for everyone, but especially for those who aspire to do what Katy did — win the place of “The Heart of the House.”

Free eBook

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What Katy Did {Free eBook}

What Katy Did
Inexpensive paperback from Dover Publishing for those interested.

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