Letter Generator Interactive {Free}

After a child is able to write comfortably, he will need things to write. We have suggested 8 writing activities for the younger student — one of which is writing a letter. This free Letter Generator interactive at ReadWriteThink.org is an excellent guide for the younger writer.

The letter generator provides an easy way to learn the format a letter generally takes. The student begins by deciding what type of letter he wishes to write: a friendly letter or a business letter. Obviously, for younger students a friendly letter will work best here.

The student then builds his letter step by step by working through the parts of a letter:

  • Heading.
  • Salutation.
  • Body.
  • Closing.
  • Signature.

Postscripts are also covered.

The letter can be decorated and saved. And then printed or shared, if desired.

The interactive letter generator is a great and simple way to encourage a student to write. Naturally, the next step is to follow that format by putting pencil to paper! Have him create a letter using the letter generator, and then copy the letter to paper.

For more information on ways to teach writing letters, check out our 14 Forms of Writing for the Older Student: The Letter, where you will find lots of resources.

Another great resource from ReadWriteThink.org — and it is free!

Additional Resources

Addressing an Envelope
Printable also from ReadWriteThink.org that walks the student through the process.

Writing Helps
Ever-growing collection of natural ways to learn to write.

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