“I’m Going to Homeschool If It Kills Me!”

If you feel you are nearly at the end of your rope, if you are wondering whether warm weather will make its appearance in time, if your children are starting to wonder if there is something wrong with Mom because of all of the peaceful escapes you are taking to the bathroom…read on!  They say timing is everything, and “I’m Going to Homeschool If It Kills Me” by Israel Wayne in the March-April 2014 Old Schoolhouse Magazine arrived just in time!

One of the primary means by which God works out the selfishness and carnality in our lives is by creating customized little button-pushers, who are strategically designed to bring out the worst in us. They intuitively know how to rub us the wrong way. If you have ever wondered how on earth your children can be so effective at driving you crazy, it’s because they were custom made for that purpose. Annoying you is their full-time job.

When we are at our wits’ end, when we start questioning our decision to homeschool our children, when we find ourselves losing the joy of being home with our children, the principles expressed in this article hold the answers and encouragement we need to keep going.  The bottom line:

You see, God is doing the same thing with us that we are trying to do with our children. He is teaching us that life is not about us. The quicker we learn this lesson, the sooner we can start passing it on to our children. You can only give to someone else what you possess yourself.

So many familiar words, and so many principles in this article resonate:

  • One of the ways God molds us into the image of Christ is through our children.  Selfishness and parenting don’t go together well.
  • God wouldn’t have given us our children if He didn’t equip us to train them.
  • He has to have our hearts before He can train our children through us.
  • It is the everyday things of life (the laundry, the meals, the bills, teaching academics, etc.) that God uses to fit us for His purpose.
  • Our children will learn by our example.

If you are struggling, look for specific ways to avoid burnout.  But if the issue is one of the heart, read the entire article.

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