Gail Gibbons Educator Guides ~ Free!

We have always enjoyed books by Gail Gibbons! Her science books explain sometimes difficult concepts in an easy to understand way. And they are always beautifully illustrated. Now you can download educator guides to go with her books ~ free! The first one features educator instructions for a different book each month: January: Dinosaurs February:Continue reading “Gail Gibbons Educator Guides ~ Free!”

He’s BAC! ~ Free Food Safety Download for Kids

Free 28-page download from the University of Georgia Extension on food safety for kids. He’s BAC! is a Children’s Guide to Keeping Food Safe. Written and illustrated in a colorful comic book format, He’s BAC! covers: Washing your hands. Washing tables. Washing fruits and vegetables. Keeping meats separate from other foods. Heating food to theContinue reading “He’s BAC! ~ Free Food Safety Download for Kids”

7 Free Music Theory Lessons

Lightnote explores How Music Works with 7 free interactive music theory lessons. With Music Theory you’ll be able to… make your own music build your own chord progressions improvise melodies and chords learn & memorize your favorite music faster by understanding the underlying structure …and it’s easy to learn with our ~2 minute interactive, playableContinue reading “7 Free Music Theory Lessons”

State History Research Project ~ Free

Most states require a student to study state history. If you are looking for an easy do-it-yourself way to meet this requirement, you might appreciate this free state history research project from Accelerated Christian Education Ministries. This 9-page download provides an independent study guide to help a student research his state, culminating in a notebookContinue reading “State History Research Project ~ Free”

Exploring the Milky Way ~ Free NASA Download

Exploring the Milky Way is a free 58-page download from NASA aimed at middle-grade students. Using real world examples, the student can brush up on using large numbers, coordinate systems, and problem solving. This collection of activities is intended for students looking for additional challenges in the math and physical science curriculum in grades 6Continue reading “Exploring the Milky Way ~ Free NASA Download”

Coloring with Spiders ~ Free Download

Coloring with Spiders is a great find from the University of Florida extension center that goes perfectly with the spider portion of our free nature studies! This free 17-page download covers orb spiders, jumping spiders, and more! The illustrations are perfect for coloring, while the included captions provide just enough information to learn something atContinue reading “Coloring with Spiders ~ Free Download”

Celebrate 100 Days of Learning {Free Download}

“Celebrate 100 Days of Learning” is a free download from that actually includes 50 activities related to the 100 theme: The activities may be given to the students for individual self-guided work, or they may be taught in a classroom or a home-school setting…. Assessment strategies and rubrics are included. Examples include: Line upContinue reading “Celebrate 100 Days of Learning {Free Download}”

Garden Notes: Master Gardener Course ~ Free Download!

Garden Notes, the Colorado Master Gardener Course is available for download. We have used several of these pages in our free nature studies. Now you can download the entire 2020 course (all 940 pages) free! This material is used in the Colorado Master Gardener certification program. As such it is pretty robust: The Colorado MasterContinue reading “Garden Notes: Master Gardener Course ~ Free Download!”

Celebrating Wildflowers Coloring Book ~ Free

Working through our free nature studies? Have you reached the wildflower section yet? You’ll want to grab this free Celebrating Wildflowers Coloring Book from the U. S. Forest Service. There are 44 free pages of wildflowers to print, color, and learn from. Color Wildflowers are wildflowers you can color! Each coloring page includes a wildflowerContinue reading “Celebrating Wildflowers Coloring Book ~ Free”

Alabama History Notebook ~ Free

To date, we have posted state unit studies for twelve states. It is often difficult to track down student resources for each state. Not so in the case of Alabama! The Alabama History Notebook offered by the Alabama Department of Archives and History is a free “collection of Alabama symbols, maps, and photographs for students.”Continue reading “Alabama History Notebook ~ Free”

NASA Rockets Educator Guide ~ Free

NASA is offering a Rockets Educator Guide with “activities in science, technology, engineering and mathematics” free! This 145-page guide begins with a pictorial history of rockets (available as a separate download for students). It then covers: Space Launch Architecture. How Rockets Work. Applying Newton’s Laws. The remainder of the guide offers 14 rocket activitiesContinue reading “NASA Rockets Educator Guide ~ Free”