Why Multitasking Has a Bad Rap and 12 Tips for Using It

Multitasking seems to have picked up a bad rap in the last several years. But like everything else, it is possible to use it for good! When I hear someone say something like (just one example from many to choose from): Stop multi-tasking. Multi-tasking is rarely effective and almost never leads to increased productivity. WheneverContinue reading “Why Multitasking Has a Bad Rap and 12 Tips for Using It”

Getting Things Done by David Allen ~ Review

Struggling to find an organizing system that works for you? Check out Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity by David Allen. Getting Things Done provides an organizing system that attempts to incorporate all of life: Welcome to a gold mine of insights into strategies for how to have more energy, be more relaxed,Continue reading “Getting Things Done by David Allen ~ Review”

20 Tips for Staying Organized

Today we are constantly hit with streaming, flashing, fast-paced content that tends to leave us distracted and anything but organized. Here are 20 tips for staying organized — but this is not your ordinary let’s-get-organized list…. Obviously, discipline is one key to staying organized. When it comes to getting organized, this is the area thatContinue reading “20 Tips for Staying Organized”

Smooth and Easy Days {Free eBook on Habits}

We all want our homeschooling days to be smooth and easy. Sonya Shafer of Simply Charlotte Mason explains that smooth and easy days start with good habits. Think about it: character is a result of habit. If a person is known for being truthful—having a truthful character—it’s because he is habitually truthful, not truthful onlyContinue reading “Smooth and Easy Days {Free eBook on Habits}”

Scheduling by Principle: 3 Tips for Getting It Done

I don’t know about you, but I have a very difficult time finding the right planner. Where is the datebook, calendar, app, or list that adequately summarizes my day and tasks? Here is a news flash — it doesn’t exist! Instead, I am learning to schedule by principle.* If you are an up-in-the-air schedule personContinue reading “Scheduling by Principle: 3 Tips for Getting It Done”

7 Building Blocks of a Well-Rounded Homeschool

I remember reading somewhere along the line on during our homeschool journey about a framework one family used to build their homeschool.  We adapted that framework, and others that we encountered that had similar purpose, into a general framework that met our own needs, creating the building blocks that established our learning days. Our endContinue reading “7 Building Blocks of a Well-Rounded Homeschool”

8 Homeschool-Handy Open Source Alternatives

When you are on a budget, it is nice to know there are alternatives to some of the more expensive software applications! Many of these alternatives are not only free, but in some cases better than the original. Here are our favorite homeschool-handy open source alternatives: OpenOffice Update: We now recommend LibreOffice. An every-bit-as-good alternativeContinue reading “8 Homeschool-Handy Open Source Alternatives”