Baking & Cooking Unit Study {Free}

Baking & Cooking Unit Study {Free}

Baking & Cooking Unit Study {Free}
Ready to cook up some fun?  Yes, we’ll learn something along the way.  Try this free baking and cooking unit study!

“Baking and Cooking: A Delicious Unit Study” by Paula J. Miller originally appeared in Home School Enrichment Magazine.  The unit study is in two parts, the first covering Bible study, math, and science.  The second part covers history/geography, vocabulary, writing, and reading.  Of course, you can cook through both parts!

“Baking and Cooking: A Delicious Unit Study, Part I”

“Baking and Cooking: A Delicious Unit Study, Part II”

Here is what’s inside:

  • Bible reading and memorizing.
  • Converting measurements.
  • An investigation into how yeast and sugar work together.
  • Exploring acids and bases.
  • Making a bag explode.
  • Finding out what people of different times ate.
  • Exploring the role geography plays in determining what people eat.
  • Writing a story.
  • Making a cookbook.
  • A cooking reading list.
  • A cookie recipe.

Easily adaptable, this baking and cooking unit study is a great one to have on hand for teaching several life skills … and it is just plain fun!


Additional Resources

Activity: Following DirectionsActivity: Following Directions
You can easily add this activity to the unit study by focusing on following directions.

Activity: Cookie-Cutter Nouns
While you’re at it, cook up some nouns!

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