10 Favorite Activities {2015–2016}

10 favorite activities from the 2015–2016 archives:

Activity: Balancing a Checkbook

Some may say it is an old, technologically-outdated activity, but if your child does not understand how checkbook balancing works, he is at the mercy of his bank!

Activity: Chart the Weather

Charting the weather is a learning lifestyle activity — learning the natural way! Everything you need to get started.

Napkin Folding

Napkin folding is a holiday activity suitable for children of all ages: like origami, but more practical!

Activity: Tracing

If you are taking the natural road through language arts, then you are probably already familiar with the first step on the way: tracing. Probably your child’s first writing lesson was when you printed his name and he traced it or copied it.  Or maybe you started even earlier with one letter instead of a…

Activity: Create a Timeline Notebook

Once your children have their reading and writing skills down, they may benefit from creating a timeline notebook to hold everything studied in chronological order.

Our activities draw on simple and natural ways to develop skills and learn concepts. View them all!

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