Summer Fun Activity: Photographic Wrap-Up

Here is a summer fun activity with purpose: create a photographic summer wrap-up collage! Have your child take digital pictures of those things he most enjoyed during the summer. The pictures can be of souvenirs, keepsakes, collections, places, or other reminders. Another option is to collect photos from online sources. For example, if your child’s … More Summer Fun Activity: Photographic Wrap-Up

Summer Fun Activity: Roll-A-Challenge

Here is a fun summer activity from Roll-A-Challenge! Cut out the three dice on the printable download — “Use,” “Make,” and “That Will” — and tape them together. Gather the supplies listed on the “Use” dice. And you’re ready to go! By rolling the three die, kids will have over 200 different challenge combinations. … More Summer Fun Activity: Roll-A-Challenge

Summer Fun Activity: Radar & Weather Together

Radar & Weather Together is a 71-page illustrated download from the National Center for Atmospheric Research full of educational (and fun!) resources — “Engaging Hands-on Activities for Students” — and makes a perfect summer fun activity to keep ’em learning! The booklet contains 21 hands-on activities from five different categories: Light and the electromagnetic light … More Summer Fun Activity: Radar & Weather Together

Summer Fun Activity: Create Giant Bubbles

Ever wonder how bubbles get their shape? Or what makes them finally burst? Create giant bubbles and find out with this summer fun activity from Exploratorium. With dishwashing liquid (blue Dawn works best) and glycerine you can create enormous bubbles while learning: What shapes bubbles take (surface tension). How bubbles move (convection and air currents). … More Summer Fun Activity: Create Giant Bubbles