10 Educational Virtual Field Trips

Great time for a virtual field trip! Which seems more engaging? Reading about Old Faithful or watching it erupt real time via the live cam? When you can’t go in person, a virtual tour provides that interaction making history, geography, science, and nature come alive. We have rounded up our favorite 10 virtual field trips:

1. Khafre Pyramid

I don’t know about you, but I’m not likely to have an opportunity to visit Egypt any time soon. Yet, thanks to Harvard University, I can explore the pyramids virtually!
Explore Khafre Pyramid

Additional Resources

Pyramid by David Macaulay
We love Macaulay’s books and this is a favorite on pyramids!

Egyptian Hieroglyphs & Alphabets: A Unit Study
You’ll find more resources and learning ideas in our free unit.

Activity: Pyramid Poem {Learning Alliteration}
What did you learn? Summarize by writing a pyramid poem!

2. Terracotta Warriors

Absolutely incredible detail on the more than 7000 figures in the mausoleum of the first emperor of China. The work took over 36 years to complete. No two figures are the same. The figures face east toward the emperor’s conquered foe.

Explore the Terracotta Warriors 

Update: No longer available. You can see the figures at KahnAcademy.org.

Additional Resources

Terracotta Army: Legacy of the First Emperor of China Educators’ Resource Guide
Guide that goes with tour at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.

Terracotta Warriors Educator’s Guide
Free download from the Franklin Institute.

3. Giant Panda Cam

A baby was born over the summer at the National Zoo. Fun to watch and learn!
Watch Panda Cam

Additional Resources

Webcam Activity Pack
Teacher guide that goes along with the National Zoo webcams.

4. Monterey Bay Aquarium

Now off to the water where you can watch the jellyfish!
Watch Jelly Cam

Additional Resources

Jellyfish Coffee Filter Craft
Make a jellyfish model following these instructions at DLTK-Kids.com.

5. Stellarium Web Online Star Map

Thinking out of the box, how about taking a virtual field trip of the sky! All types of things may show up including satellites, old space junk, or other galaxies.
Tour the Sky

Additional Resources

Star Stories ~ Free eBook & Star Book Pages
Keep a record of your findings!

6. Old Faithful

Have you ever watched Old Faithful erupt? Well you can! The geyser at Yellowstone erupts approximately 17 times each day.
Watch Old Faithful Erupt

Additional Resources

Predict Old Faithful
Help your students estimate the next eruption with this lesson plan.

Underground Diagram
A great printable for a virtual field trip notebook!

7. Buckingham Palace

Explore the official residence of the Queen of England. Fascinating and historic place.
Tour Buckingham Palace

Additional Resources

The Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II
Learn more about Queen Elizabeth with our free unit.

8. Ellis Island

What was it like to immigrate to this country through Ellis Island? This is a wonderful interactive tour hosted at Scholastic covering the passage to the United States through arrival, trip through the baggage room and registry room, medical exam, legal inspection, and more.
Tour Ellis Island

9. Mars

Now here is a tour that you really can’t take in person at this time. Why wait?
Tour Mars

Additional Resources

Free Nature Studies: The Solar System
Learn more about the red planet in this portion of our free nature study.

10. Virtual Farm

The best way to learn about farming is to visit a farm in your area that gives tours. Short of that, take a virtual tour! Choose from a horse, beef, dairy, wheat, poultry, or fish farm.
Tour the Farm

Additional Resources

Activity: Explore the Farm
Suggestions, printables, and more activities.

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