College Prep Reading List {Free}

Whether your child ends up needing a college education to pursue his profession or not, you’ll appreciate this free college prep recommended reading list from Dr. James Stobaugh at For Such a Time as This.

Like all reading lists, you’ll want to preview and pick, choose, and add those titles that fit your family.  Not all books on any reading list will fit every family.  But this is a great foundation from which to start.

Dr. Stobaugh is on a mission to “prepare thoughtful Christians to be world changers” by providing products that teach students to think critically.  His Hints for Successful Reading download will help your student interact with the literature he reads to get the most from his studies.

If you are studying history chronologically, you may also appreciate his free Classical Reading List From Creation to Present.

We have added the College Prep Reading List and the Classical Reading List to our Looking for a Good Book? resource.

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