Smooth and Easy Days {Free eBook on Habits}

We all want our homeschooling days to be smooth and easy. Sonya Shafer of Simply Charlotte Mason explains that smooth and easy days start with good habits. Think about it: character is a result of habit. If a person is known for being truthful—having a truthful character—it’s because he is habitually truthful, not truthful onlyContinue reading “Smooth and Easy Days {Free eBook on Habits}”

A Twaddle-Free Education ~ Review

Back in our early days of homeschooling, when the Internet was still getting off the ground, one of the first sources I found for information on Charlotte Mason was Deborah Taylor-Hough. Granted, every Charlotte Mason “expert” has her own bent — and granted, we learn more about Charlotte Mason by reading her in her ownContinue reading “A Twaddle-Free Education ~ Review”

Book of Centuries {Free Blank Timeline}

Those familiar with Charlotte Mason will also be familiar with a book of centuries — a blank timeline that fits inside a notebook. Timelines are a wonderful way to keep track of people, places, and events as we read about them, whether in the area of science, history, art, music, or other interests. A bookContinue reading “Book of Centuries {Free Blank Timeline}”

Home Education Series by Charlotte Mason {Free eBooks}

While there are several guides and other contemporary writings that draw from Charlotte Mason’s works, none will give you a better idea of how to implement her ideas in your home than reading the original works yourself. If you are ready to dive in, you may be interested in legitimate original downloadable versions of theContinue reading “Home Education Series by Charlotte Mason {Free eBooks}”

6 Concrete Elementary Science Activities Without a Textbook

Dr. Mary Hood is one of our favorite homeschool mentors.  We learned what it meant to learn how to learn by reading The Relaxed Home School years and years ago. Personally, I’ve had too much experience with students who learn material, pass tests, and promptly forget everything to place my main focus on temporarily fillingContinue reading “6 Concrete Elementary Science Activities Without a Textbook”

Bloom’s & Critical Thinking: Understanding

The Understanding or Comprehension level (Bloom’s Taxonomy) encompasses the ability to take in information, understand it, and be able to restate the information in our own words. Many homeschool moms already incorporate the Understanding or Comprehension tool of narration. (Some may rightly conclude that narration also encompasses some of the other levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy.)Continue reading “Bloom’s & Critical Thinking: Understanding”

8 Writing Activities for the Younger Student

Yes, they must learn to write their letters and practice their handwriting.  But “writing” is more than the simple mechanics of holding a pencil. Here are a few writing suggestions for the younger student as he develops his mechanical skills: Tracing.  One way for a younger student to practice his handwriting is to trace theContinue reading “8 Writing Activities for the Younger Student”

Science for Beginners {Free eBook}

Science for Beginners by Delos Fall was published in 1917 by World Book Company. The author felt there was a need for a science text that would allow students to engage in the scientific method unhindered, providing them with the tools to: acquire the habit of gaining information for themselves. This very well describes aContinue reading “Science for Beginners {Free eBook}”

Review: Books Children Love

Books Children Love: A Guide to the Best Children’s Literature by Elizabeth Wilson was written within a Charlotte Mason, living-book philosophy — children need to be provided with “excellently written, interest-holding books on as wide a range of topics as possible” as part of the most “effective form of education.” And variety is what you’llContinue reading “Review: Books Children Love”