The Science of Drawing: Animals {Free eBook}

The Science of Drawing: Being a Progressive Series of the Characteristic Forms of Nature by Frank Howard is a series of drawing instruction titles that focus on trees, animals, and the human form. You can read our review and find links to the first part: The Science of Drawing: Trees. Also in the public domainContinue reading “The Science of Drawing: Animals {Free eBook}”

Leonardo da Vinci: Pathfinder of Science {Free eBook}

Here is a very well-written biography of Leonardo da Vinci that goes nicely with our free unit study. Leonardo da Vinci, Pathfinder of Science written by Henry Sampson Gillette is part of the Immortals of Science series published by Franklin Watts. Told in story form, this is a great read aloud or early introduction toContinue reading “Leonardo da Vinci: Pathfinder of Science {Free eBook}”

Picturing America {Free Art History Lessons}

Here is a beautiful resource from the National Endowment for the Humanities. Picturing America is a 130-page Teacher’s Resource book with 20 lessons that explore America through art. Picturing America: …offers a way to understand the history of America — its diverse people and places, its travails and triumphs — through some of our greatestContinue reading “Picturing America {Free Art History Lessons}”

Summer Fun Activity: Photographic Wrap-Up

Here is a summer fun activity with purpose: create a photographic summer wrap-up collage! Have your child take digital pictures of those things he most enjoyed during the summer. The pictures can be of souvenirs, keepsakes, collections, places, or other reminders. Another option is to collect photos from online sources. For example, if your child’sContinue reading “Summer Fun Activity: Photographic Wrap-Up”

Drawing Instruction Series {Free eBooks}

Augsburg’s Drawing was a “three book system designed to teach form and color in the public schools” published in the early 1900s. The drawing instruction series included a teachers’ handbook to be used to teach first through third graders drawing and color, a textbook for students in fourth through eighth grades, and finally a completeContinue reading “Drawing Instruction Series {Free eBooks}”

Thanksgiving Primary Source Teacher Guide {Free}

The Library of Congress has put together a wonderful teacher guide for learning about Thanksgiving through primary source documents. The free 7-page download begins with historical background information on how on our nation has celebrated a day of thanksgiving throughout our history. Throughout history, people have given thanks — sometimes in joyful celebration, often inContinue reading “Thanksgiving Primary Source Teacher Guide {Free}”

Crayola Crayons: A Unit Study

On October 23, 1903, Edwin Binney and C. Harold Smith sold their first crayons.  The box of eight red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, brown, and black sticks sold for 5¢.  Edwin Binney’s wife Alice named the brand Crayola from craie, French for “chalk,” and ola for “oleaginous,” meaning oily. The History of Crayola TheContinue reading “Crayola Crayons: A Unit Study”

7 Ideas for Picture Study ~ Art Appreciation

Adding art appreciation to an already over-crowded school year is always a feeble effort at best. Despite our best intentions, that art appreciation will end up being quite under-appreciated — if appreciated at all! Here are 7 ideas for making picture study simple.  In short — just study the picture!   1. Decide Who isContinue reading “7 Ideas for Picture Study ~ Art Appreciation”