Stories Pictures Tell ~ Free eBooks
What a great series! Stories Picture Tell by Flora L. Carpenter offers an easy way to cover art each year for eight years! These free eBooks encompass an entire art appreciation course that makes it easy to add this discipline to an already crowded schedule.

Each book in the series covers one piece of artwork per month appropriate to that grade level. The picture study should take only 20–30 minutes out of the schedule. The author also states that this study should not take the place of drawing.

Various artists covered over the course of the series include:

  • Millet.
  • Van Dyke.
  • Rafael.
  • Reynolds.
  • Rosa Bonheur.
  • Landseer.
  • Carot.
  • Da Vinci.
  • Turner.
  • Rembrandt.
  • Whistler.
  • Sargent.

Each study includes the basic information, questions to arouse interest, story of the picture and/or artist, and notes to the teacher. Basically, you can pick up the book and go.
Wonderful series for art — and it is free!


  • You’ll want to locate a color version of each work studied. This should be easy since the art works covered are all in the public domain.
  • Put the print in view for the month it is studied.
  • Include narrations of the work. You’ll find tips below for using this tool with works of art.
  • Start a notebook! Perfect for holding the narrations, compositions, and other output.
  • Older students may want to try their hand at creating a work of art in the same style. (See resources below for help with this.)


Free eBooks


Additional Resources

8 Ways to Easily Teach Art Appreciation
Tips for rounding out the lessons.

7 Ideas for Picture Study
More ways to round out the lessons.

Discovering Great ArtistsDiscovering Great Artists by Kohl and Solga
Winner of a Practical Homeschooling Reader Award, contains over 150 hands-on activities based on the styles of great artists. A helpful guide in the front lists the artists chronologically along with their style of art, the level of the associated activity, and prep time. Perfect for drawing in the style of an artist. A family favorite.

Artist Notebooking Pages Set {Free}Artist Notebooking Pages {Free}
Free simple pages to create your notebook.

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