The Bayeux Tapestry Elucidated {Free eBook}

The Bayeux Tapestry is a 230-ft. work of embroidery that tells the story of the Norman Conquest of England. Historian John Collingwood Bruce wrote The Bayeux Tapestry Elucidated to fill a void he perceived:

When the Society of Antiquaries published the beautiful copy of the Bayeux Tapestry, made, at their request, by Mr. Charles Stothard, they testified the importance which they attached to the document. As yet they have published no explanation of it. The world still expects it at their hands. To supply, meanwhile, some little assistance to the student of history, this work is published.

As such, The Bayeux Tapestry Elucidated contains seventeen color plates for which Collingwood provides the extensively footnoted history.

We have added this excellent (and free) resource to our Bayeux Tapestry unit study where you will also find two other public domain takes on the meaning of the frames.

Students studying the Norman Conquest will find this a most interesting way to approach the subject!

Free eBook

Additional Resources

The Bayeux Tapestry Elucidated by Bruce Collingwood
Paperback for those interested.

The Bayeux Tapestry: A Unit Study

The Bayeux Tapestry: A Unit Study
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